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Why people fail to lose body fat?

Posted On: Aug 25 16
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As you are probably aware, there are many answers to the question, ‘how do I lose body fat’ if you look on the Internet.

In fact, I just Google’d it and it came up with 3,720,000 results (0.51 seconds)!

Now interestingly, they cannot all be right, can they? I mean if there are nearly 4 million ways to lose body fat then why isn’t everyone jacked and ripped?

Truth is, there is more than one way to lose body fat and as I explain in my book, it all comes down to the individual that you are, your current metabolic health, your current diet and your lifestyle history. (as well as many other factors but that’s for another day)

So why do so many people fail to lose body fat? Well its usually very simple……here’s the answer……..are you ready……..THEY EAT TOO MUCH.


I know, I know, that sounds like a cop out but its true. The reason people don’t lost body fat is they eat too much.

However, here is the problem, if someone is looking to lose weight they will normally do the following:

• Try to eat less
• Exercise more
• Or both!

Once they have exhausted these avenues and found that pounding a treadmill for hours on end leads to mind numbing boredom and that eating less makes you want to shout at every person within ear shot and be left alone to your own world of grumpiness and misery, people tend to look for other options.

The never ending search for the elusive answer to fat loss will take them to some very dark and unscrupulous places. They will be offered the latest herb, pill or meal replacement shake from salesman who, in their day job are mechanics but in the part time job, expert weight loss consultants who make a tidy profit from selling a tub of something or the other for the bargain price of just £50!

Another year or two goes buy and the results are still refusing to be seen. Finally another search on the Internet produces a calorie calculator which can tell you exactly how many calories you should eat each day to see fat loss.

Now, our intrepid fat loss detective is getting closer to finding the answer. All you need to do is put in your height, weight and age to start with and this will give you a basic amount of calories per day that you should be eating. Simple so far.

Then the next step is to put in your amount of daily activity. The choices are usually:

Sedentary – Typical desk job / Sitting most of the day


Lightly Active – Walking around a good amount, retail jobs,


Moderately Active – Walking constantly in a fast paced environment, waiting tables,


Vigorously Active – Very labor intensive, construction workers.


Now here is where most people get it wrong and fail to lose body fat. The reason is clear when you think about it. No one wants to think of himself or herself as sedentary right, that conjures up images of folk in old peoples homes sitting hunched over in a chair watching TV, and anyway you walk to work, or at least to the bus stop and you often go to the coffee machine or toilet in the day so there’s no way you are sedentary, no, you’re lightly if not moderately active, yes, moderately active, that sounds right.

And herein lies the problem, you are, in fact, sedentary. When you look at what you actually do (if you have an office job) then the likelihood is that you sit down pretty much six out of the eight hours you are at work, it is also more than reasonable to suggest that there is another 3+ hours sat in front of the TV in the evening (this is the unfortunate reality for most people) so in total you could be spending 9 hours of the day inactive, once you add on another 8 hours for sleep you are up to 17 out of 24 hours that you are actually not doing very much physically at all.

This leads people to over estimate how many calories they need because they overestimate how many calories they burn in a day. Once this info is put into the online calculator they are given a number of daily calories required. Because this is based on a physical activity you are just not doing it is going to be to high, hence my first reason for not losing fat….YOU EAT TOO MUCH.

Don’t worry though, its very common and easily fixed! If you go to our very own fitness calculator which you can find here we have already factored in a realistic calculation which will automatically set you not only your calories, but macronutrient split so you know how many carbs, protein and fats you should be eating on a daily basis.

Working out your numbers couldn’t be easier, go check it out and once you have tried it out, let us know the results you got, you will be amazed how easy it is and don’t forget me and the team are here to help so if you have any questions just put them in the comments section below!

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