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Ever seen someone ‘off season’ and then the same person after a diet and think, ‘they look so different!?’ Many times when people diet for a photo shoot, holiday, wedding, comp etc they end result is that they lose body fat but also lose a load of muscle mass in the process. When I last dieted down for my 8 week transformation, not only did I lose almost 10kgs of body fat but I actually gained muscle mass! So, the […]

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Why people fail to lose body fat?

Posted On: Aug 25 16

As you are probably aware, there are many answers to the question, ‘how do I lose body fat’ if you look on the Internet. In fact, I just Google’d it and it came up with 3,720,000 results (0.51 seconds)! Now interestingly, they cannot all be right, can they? I mean if there are nearly 4 million ways to lose body fat then why isn’t everyone jacked and ripped? Truth is, there is more than one way to lose body fat […]


Whether you are looking for fat loss or anti ageing, it’s a question that many people ask and even more people have an opinion on. I am no different; I have asked myself the same questions over and over again for many years. Interestingly, my thoughts and opinions have changed many times over the years depending on my knowledge and as that grows every day, as does my fine tuning of my own nutrition. Herein lays the first and most […]


Need a Little Energy Boost?

Posted On: Jan 07 16

Who doesn’t? I mean it’s only normal to feel tired in the afternoon, or to get up feeling like you have not slept right? Err no, WRONG! But it happens, often, to a lot of people and it does not matter what age they are, there is somehow this lack of energy that hits us all at some point. Many times it creeps up on us as we neglect our health with a poor diet (especially when following a crazy […]

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