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11214173_760362600760520_8027041523769775069_nI never set out to become a photographer, I guess you naturally fall into what you are passionate about, and for me that’s photography and fitness.

After finishing my Bachelor’s degree in design I worked a number of jobs before eventually winning a placement to work in design, and then progressing to sales. Throughout this time I had always pursued other interests, modelling, acting, presenting and photography. About 5 years ago, my life went through massive period of change, and when I had to opportunity to return to my sales job I realised it wasn’t for me, fortunately I had been able to make a living with just my hobbies to support me.

Although starting to photograph predominately fitness as that is the industry I have been passionate about for over 20years, I am lucky enough to move into numerous other fields and do a lot more commercial work. I have been photographing a lot more entertainment, portraits and movie stills lately.

I love working out and make it an integral part of my daily routine to make sure that I look and feel good. Due to me photographing so many highly regarded fitness professionals over the years I have gained an abundance of knowledge which has allowed me to develop my very own 8 Week Transformation system, Simon Howards 8 Week Transformation system.

My transformation system is a combination of a specially designed fitness and nutrition program that got me into the shape you will see here.

The program is absolutely packed with videos, pictures, nutrition plans, plus hits and tips that will guarantee you an amazing transformation as long as you stick to my method

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